3 Things to Guide Your Client Through Buying Kitchen Cabinets

Blue Shaker Kitchen

You know what to prioritize when buying cabinets as a contractor. But do you know what your customers need to consider?

The majority of a kitchen’s necessities, namely pots, pans, dishware, utensils, and canned and dry goods, are placed in cabinets. Because cabinets take up so much room, they greatly influence how the room looks and feels. The construction method, size, and material of the cabinets you choose for a kitchen renovation affect many factors. Read on for essential information to make sure you’re purchasing kitchen cabinets that match your needs and aesthetics, regardless of your budget.

Kitchen cabinets are one of the most essential parts of your customer’s kitchen renovation, so choose wisely! Here are a few tips on guiding your customers to their perfect cabinets.

Selecting cabinet sizes

Before your customer picks the design they want for their cabinets, it’s ideal for them to consider what exactly they’ll be storing in there. Whether it’s holding cookware, pantry staples, and more, ask them to get a clear vision of what they’ll be storing. That way you can determine if they need more or less space from your ABS cabinets.

We have a variety of sizes that can fit your customer’s needs! You can find the cabinet catalog here to find the perfect match for your customer. Wall cabinets and base cabinets take up less room so they’re great for maximizing space. Our simple plywood cabinets and plywood shelves will add a statement to akitchen if they’re looking for natural wood tones. All while saving space and looking aesthetically pleasing!

Glossy White Kitchen

The Style

What your customer decides on for the style of cabinetry is all down to personal taste. The cabinets take up a lot of the kitchen’s space so they definitely transform the space. All in all, everything should complement each other well from the counter to the cabinets.

Most people go for a modern look especially because there’s a higher ROI if they plan on selling their home in the next few years. Shaker style cabinets ​​are an excellent choice since it’s a mix of traditional and modern. 

Shaker style cabinet doors don’t have a lot of elaborate design and adornment because the main goal is to keep them simple, practical, and minimalistic. Simple goes a long way! 

Kitchen Cabinet Maintenance

It is more difficult to clean and preserve cabinet styles with deep crevices and beadboard features than flat panels. The ease of cleaning depends on the finish. Similar to how paint sheen on walls conceals fingerprints, a satin finish hides them considerably better than a matte finish.

Woods that are harder and have more obvious wood grain withstand daily use better and conceal dust and filth. With our premium finishes, you can count on these cabinets lasting for years to come.

If your customer is looking for a kitchen remodel on a budget, shaker style cabinets will be perfect. Since it’s versatile in looks and serving its purpose, it’s their best bet. They will not go out of style and can easily be adapted to new styles.

Shop Cabinets for your Clients

After you and your client have narrowed down the ideal cabinet, shop here with our ready-to-assemble pieces that will leave your customers excited for their future kitchen!

If you haven’t considered ABS Cabinet Supply for your cabinet projects as a contractor, it’s time! With nearly 10 locations and showrooms along the West Coast, you’re guaranteed to find something to fit your clients’ budgets, dreams, and timelines. Check us out today by getting in touch.