A Successful Cabinet Business in 2022

We at ABS Cabinets Direct wish you a very happy new year! Many of our customers and partners had an exceptional 2021. We ourselves grew tremendously–we have added a warehouse and a locations in Los Angeles, new product lines, and more. There are many ways to start your new year right, but we have seen some success stories that involves some of the following:

Advertise online

If you are not advertising online, you are probably losing to your competitors. There are few other marketing mediums that will give you the return on investment of paid search and display ads. Google Adwords, SEO, Facebook Ads, and even start a blog–these can all help drive qualified leads to your website and your physical location and establish you as the expert in your area.

Train your sales team

It’s a fact that salespeople who are familiar with your products and processes sell more. Have your new salespersons go through a training program to keep them up-to-speed on the latest techniques and best practices. It maybe challenging through the pandemic, but you may consider offering your trainings through webinars rather than on-site.

Effective selling processes

Work with your sales team to standardize the way they are closing deals. There are some concepts that are universal to making a sale, but you need to make sure everyone is on the same page.

We hope that you will have a prosperous 2022. If you have any questions for us, feel free to give us a call at (253) 277-1842. If you’re not yet a partner, learn more about how to take advantage of our excellent products at a price where you can profit in the Pacific Northwest and California here.

– Your kitchen cabinets supplier and business partner, ABS Cabinets Direct

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