ABS Cabinets Direct NJ Showroom: FAQ

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1. What types of flooring does ABS Cabinets Direct NJ Showroom offer?
At ABS Cabinets Direct NJ Showroom, we provide a comprehensive selection to meet your specific needs and preferences. One of our best selling product is 20 mil vinyl flooring, which is affordable, beautiful, and durable.

2. How can I view your flooring options?
Besides browsing a selection of flooring options on this website, you’re invited to visit our showroom in New Jersey to view our extensive flooring collection in-person. Additionally, you can call the ABS Cabinets Direct NJ Showroom to speak with one of our knowledgeable consultants who can provide you with more information and help guide your selection process.

3. Do you offer services to both individual homeowners and businesses?
Yes, we cater to both individual homeowners who are looking to renovate their homes and businesses such as kitchen remodel showrooms, contractors, home renovation businesses, home remodel businesses, and real estate developers.

4. Can you accommodate large-scale orders for real estate developers or renovation businesses?
Absolutely. We are fully equipped to handle large-scale orders for real estate developers or renovation businesses in the East Coast. Our vast selection ensures that we can meet the diverse needs of any project, regardless of its size.

5. Can I get a quote for my project?
Definitely. You can call or visit our New Jersey / New York showroom to discuss your project needs with our team. We’d be happy to provide a quote based on your specific requirements free of charge.

6. Do you provide installation services?
Yes, in addition to our extensive collection of flooring options, our services at ABS Building Supply NJ Showroom, as well as other locations, include professional installation in and around the New York/New Jersey area. Our team of experienced installers ensures that your new floor is installed properly, providing you with a hassle-free, complete solution for your flooring needs.

7. How do your prices compare to other flooring providers?
At ABS Cabinets Direct NJ Showroom, we pride ourselves on offering premium flooring options at competitive prices. Our goal is to provide you with the highest quality products that fit within your budget.

8. What if I need help choosing the best flooring option for my project?
Our team at ABS Cabinets Direct NJ Showroom is always ready to assist you. With our extensive knowledge and expertise, we can guide you through the selection process, helping you choose the flooring option that best suits your project and budget.

9. Where is your showroom located?
Our East Coast showroom is conveniently located at New Jersey, servicing New York, New Jersey, and surrounding areas.

507 W Elizabeth Ave
Linden, New Jersey 07036

For more specific directions, please call our showroom at (718) 865-7399. We look forward to welcoming you and helping you with all your flooring needs.