Styling Your RTA Shaker Cabinets

Creating the perfect kitchen that is stylish, functional, and practical is often the primary goal of many homeowners. At ABS Cabinets Direct, our RTA cabinets are a desirable option that can help you to achieve that end. The simple elegance and design elements of shaker cabinets lends to their aesthetically pleasing look and feel. With the capability of elevating the overall charm of many different kitchens, homes, and even businesses, shaker RTA cabinets can provide the functional benefit that you want in a cabinet but also the aesthetic that makes your kitchen a welcoming and inviting space. Here are several reasons why shaker cabinets are a no brainer when it comes to your project! 

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RTA Shaker Kitchen Cabinets Are A Classic Style 

No matter what, cabinets will always have the ability to make or break a kitchen. While white cabinets have long been a favorite in many kitchens as a staple classic, we’re now seeing homeowners desire other colors as well to match their style and vibe. RTA shaker cabinets have become a favorite among both designers and homeowners, offering an exquisite style that provides both versatility and convenience. Your choice of shaker RTA kitchen cabinets is a worthwhile investment, because these cabinets are a classic choice that won’t go out of style. As a wonderful addition to your kitchen, RTA cabinets have the ability to brighten your space and add a touch of elegance and class that makes your kitchen look graceful, yet functional. Furthermore, shaker RTA kitchen cabinets can help you to achieve a transitional style, finding the perfect balance between contemporary and traditional elements when designing your kitchen. From farmhouse to mid-century modern, our RTA cabinets will fit any look you have in mind.

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RTA Shaker Cabinets are Cost-Effective 

Because shaker RTA cabinets are craftily created in a warehouse by machine with precise precision, it doesn’t have to hurt your bank account to be able to purchase these for your kitchen. At ABS, we use solid plywood for our cabinets, which is always the standard for our products. You can find RTA kitchen cabinets that have resurfaced laminate doors that resemble a wood finish, saving on cost and on long term maintenance thanks to their durability. With shaker RTA cabinets, you get a great price for quality kitchen cabinets. The even better news? Our products are built in the greater-Seattle area and we have a warehouse, so you’re guaranteed to be able to get the products on time and in-stock. Make a solid investment in shaker RTA kitchen cabinets without breaking the bank, without having to sacrifice on design and finish.

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Perfect for Traditional Kitchens 

The appeal and look of shaker RTA kitchen cabinets extends beyond the modern kitchen to many different aesthetics. Shaker kitchen cabinets have a place in traditional kitchens that revert back to a classic and simplistic design. If you’re seeking a traditional kitchen with a minimalist style in mind, shaker RTA cabinets are the ideal choice to achieve that desired space. If you’re looking for a different style that’s still traditional, ABS also has several flat-panel options to choose from that also fit the traditional theme. Both shaker and flat-panel cabinets can have beveled edges, which fits well in a traditional kitchen. Try pairing your cabinets with antique elements, from drawers to finishes, for an effortlessly gorgeous look.

RTA Cabinets Fit Unique Decor 

The simplicity and smoothness that characterizes shaker RTA kitchen cabinets make them an adaptable decor option for remodeling arguably any style kitchen, be it a retro-style kitchen, contemporary, or something else. The versatility of shaker RTA kitchen cabinets extends to their easy pairing with many design elements, from finishes such as door handles to actual kitchen decor such as lighting, backsplashes, and more. They are great options for creating contrast with other decor elements to end up with a striking space that’s full of character. 

It’s time to make the choice to go with shaker RTA cabinets for your kitchen or other home renovation project or office space. Not only are these cabinets highly functional, but they are effortlessly stylish and always on-trend and up-to-date. We’re always seeking out the best RTA styles at ABS, and that’s our promise to you. Visit or contact us to begin designing the kitchen you’ve always dreamed of by installing our shaker RTA cabinets. Explore your options and don’t be afraid to be bold – you never know what you could be missing out on!