Using RTA Cabinets Outside of the Kitchen

It’s an obvious place for your kitchen to have cabinets. They are a necessity when it comes to the “heart of your home.” While RTA cabinets are great for your kitchen with a variety of styles and colors, there are also so many other use cases for cabinets inside your home and business. These six places are excellent places for RTA cabinets to be repurposed for totally new uses. Whether you’re a homeowner, reseller, contractor, or developer, ABS Cabinets Direct has options for every one of your projects.


Your Home Office

While some companies have begun to implement a hybrid return to office model, the COVID-19 pandemic has forever changed the way we work. With many employees switching to an entirely remote setup, there are many people who are working from places that aren’t suitable for their jobs such as the dining room table or loud living room. Instead of a desk, why not try cabinets and a countertop?

If you have an extra wall in any room, add some wall and base cabinets to create a built-in office space complete with storage and workspace. Since standard RTA cabinets are offered at 30 and 36-inches, these are the perfect height for 36-40 inch countertop. Standard desks are about 30 inches so plan for a bar-height desk.

The beauty of RTA cabinets in an office is that you can design your office cabinets according to your needs. Our soft-close drawers make the perfect space to store and organize papers, materials, and so much more.

Your Laundry Room

Although it’s not the most exciting task, a lot of time is spent in the laundry room. By making the most of the space in your laundry room, you can create a space that’s aesthetically pleasing and serves as extra storage.

Consider specific tasks you need to complete in the laundry room and this will guide your design and cabinet selections. When you work with ABS, we have beautiful Shaker and Flat-Panel options to choose from. Try to balance workspace and storage space then add some custom perks like a built-in ironing board.


Your Business

If you’re in charge of a construction project for a business owner or office space, RTA cabinets are ideal. With easy installation and affordability, you’ll find that these are the best option for your space. Because of RTA cabinets’ durability, they will be sure to last through the years as well. No matter what the interior design of the space looks like, ABS has a style of cabinet that will go with your project’s vibe.

The Living Room

Built in furniture storage. Entertainment centers. Coffee tables filled with gadgets. All of those things could be replaced with RTA cabinets. Think of it as permanent built-ins that add great functionality to your living space and give your home’s value a boost.


The Closets

If you’ve always dreamed of a Pinterest-esque cabinet, now’s your chance. Add cabinets to your closet to transform it into a walk-in closet worthy of pinning. Go take a walk through a closet store or at our warehouse to get some ideas for layouts then measure your own space and replicate it using RTA cabinets. You can even do cabinets without doors for shelving. We know that drawers in the closet are just as important as cabinets, which can assist in organizing jewelry, accessories, and other smaller items.

Your Mudroom

Cabinets are a great option for creating a mudroom or command center for when your children come in with dirty shoes and need storage for their rain jackets. Instead of lockers, use pantry cabinets and take the shelves out or add wall cabinets up high for seasonal storage. You can also create cubbies by removing the doors from shorter RTA cabinets.

If you think outside the box, you can come up with plenty of things that work well with kitchen cabinets. Make sure to check out ABS Cabinets Direct for all of your cabinetry needs for a home, office, or project you’re excited to show off.

If you have any questions for us, feel free to give us a call at (253) 277-1842. If you’re not yet a partner, learn more about how to take advantage of our excellent products at a price where you can profit in the Pacific Northwest and California here.

– Your kitchen cabinets supplier and business partner, ABS Cabinets Direct

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