What is an RTA Cabinet and Is it The Right Option For My Project? 

In the building industry, cabinetry and its hundreds of options can be quite overwhelming. Maybe you’ve known about RTA cabinets for a while, or maybe you’re just now learning about them as an option for your remodel, new community, business, or other project. If you’ve never heard of the term RTA, it simply means “ready to assemble.”

In the simplest of explanations, this means that the cabinets aren’t put together yet. Thankfully, assembling cabinets is the easy part, and also allows you to save money that would otherwise be spent on the cost of labor. As a whole, RTA cabinets are no less inferior to custom or pre-assembled cabinets, especially with all of the advanced styles and colors in today’s selection. When it comes to ABS Cabinets Direct, our RTA cabinets are made out of beautiful and durable wood, and come in six uniquely modern styles that are built to last for years.

Are RTA Cabinets Good and Will They Last?

Not all RTA cabinets are created equal. A small handful of RTA manufacturers such as ABS Cabinets take great care to build cabinets that, once assembled, compete in every way with fully assembled and even custom cabinets. Other manufacturers cut corners, resulting in cheap manufacturing methods, hardware, and finishes. Unfortunately, the market is flooded with these cheaper alternatives, which is why it’s critical to do your research on the cabinet dealer you’re choosing to work with for your project. Afterall, good craftsmanship is something that can lead to positive reviews, referrals, and return business. Bad quality can quite possibly tarnish your reputation as a business owner, home builder, designer, or architect.

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What to Look for in Quality RTA Cabinets and What Are RTA Cabinets Made Of

If you’re looking to become a cabinet dealer, it’s critical to know what to look for in quality RTA cabinets. For starters, many ask what RTA cabinets are made out of. Many years ago, manufacturers relied on particle board and other unreliable materials, but this is no longer the case. Today, top-quality RTA kitchen cabinets are constructed of solid wood and plywood, as many models are even superior to well-known name brands. At ABS Cabinets, we focus on these several elements that serve as the makings of an RTA cabinet worth purchasing.


Make sure to assess the assembly process for your RTA cabinets, as this is truly one of the only distinctions between RTA cabinets and custom cabinetry. Both factories and custom cabinet manufacturers rely on joinery that takes more time to assemble, but is built to last.

Type of Wood 

Wood is often the most misunderstood feature when it comes to choosing quality cabinets. After all, the word “hardwood” does not necessarily mean it is hard wood, as some types are softer than others. ABS Cabinets’ products are made of solid wood with ¾” thick door panels and premium finishes.

Dovetail Drawer Boxes 

Just because you see dovetail joinery doesn’t signify quality. Some manufacturers have poorly-constructed dovetail joinery on their drawers, combined with drawer bottoms that are both thin and flimsy. At ABS Cabinets Direct, we offer ⅝” cabinet-grade plywood shelves with a clear coat finish, as well as a ⅝” cabinet-grade plywood box.

A true, high-quality drawer box will be made out of straight grained hardwoods, and will have tight dovetail joinery.

In addition, we are constantly making improvements to our wholesale Cabinets. Please inquire our sales team for specific details and benefits of our most current products.

How To Install RTA Cabinet

It’s a common myth that you need a professional to install your RTA cabinets. The fact of the matter is that anybody can assemble and install RTA kitchen cabinets. While it is slightly more involved than putting together something like a simple end table, every cabinet ships with detailed assembly instructions, including specific tools needed to do the job right. We also have various resources and expert customer service professionals to assist every step along the way.

If you’re ready to get started on your project with us, we’d love to hear from you! Keep in mind, we always have products in stock thanks to our warehouse in the greater Bellevue and Seattle area, so you never have to worry about delays or low inventory.