Why Now Is The Time for RTA Cabinets

In the middle of global uncertainty with the economy, inflation and supply chain challenges, one thing is for certain: the decorative cabinet market isn’t going anywhere. According to latest research, 2022 and 2023 will continue to be significant years for the kitchen cabinet market – especially those that are easy to assemble. In fact, the market for RTA cabinets is expected to see significant growth through 2026 across the entire globe. If you’re in the market for RTA cabinets, look no further than ABS Cabinets Direct.

According to the latest research, the RTA furniture market is expected to grow by $2.56 billion between 2022-2026. With the rise of many home office jobs and home remodels in the middle of the pandemic, the rise of RTA cabinets have taken a front seat in the construction industry and are an affordable and durable option for all. Whether you’re a contractor, homeowner, designer, or even a reseller, RTA cabinets provide a unique opportunity to find a perfect style that doesn’t have to sacrifice any quality.  

White Shaker Kitchen

As a savvy buyer, you still need to be aware of what makes a good RTA cabinet so that you can keep homeowners happy for referrals as a contractor, know what to recommend as a reseller, and ensure durability as a homeowner looking to remodel. 

Arguably, the greatest element of RTA cabinets that you shouldn’t have to worry about in advance is the detail of perfection to which the cabinets are made. Cut using a highly precise machine, this makes assembly relatively simple. When you work with ABS, you don’t have to worry about spending hours trying to screw together pieces that don’t quite fit right. Thanks to our warehouses in the Pacific Northwest, we have teams on site ensuring the highest quality for all of your purchases. 


What you do need to consider when going with RTA cabinets are things like wood quality, finishes, accessories and overall fit and finish. Make sure that your cabinets are made of full plywood, which will prolong durability for years and years. Some RTA cabinets are made with the least desirable cuts of lumber and still advertised as “wood cabinets”, but won’t hold up in the long run. 

Because there are many different types of styles inside homes and businesses, ABS has continued to expand its options for finishes and accessories. We are proud to offer eight Shaker-style cabinets in a variety of colors and several other Flat-panel cabinets to go along with any of your design dreams. Make sure your manufacturer can mass-produce the products you’re looking for so you can make deadlines and communicate effectively to clients on expected timelines. 

Glossy White Kitchen

Other considerations include things such as replacements, out of stocks, and damages. For instance, if your son breaks a door after a year and you request a replacement door, do you have to purchase an entire cabinet? What happens if your kitchen base cabinet is out of stock and you need everything installed next Wednesday? How long will you need to wait for the replacement? With ABS, our customers and clients always come first and we work our hardest to meet all your demands. 

In an industry that will continue to grow, trust us as the experts who will take care of all your cabinetry needs. Call, email, or visit us today at one of our locations near you for your project. We’d love to hear from you!