Why Purchase Plywood Solid Wood Doors for Cabinets?

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Even though the global pandemic seems to be dwindling, people are still using this time to upgrade their kitchens. Although cabinet manufacturers faced some of the challenges most companies went through, they had some factors in the market working in their favor.

And since the residential housing market has been going strong, the cabinet doors and furniture sales also reached a 1.25% gain in 2020 over the previous year.

So clearly, the decorative cabinet market isn’t going anywhere.


The Importance of Cabinet Materials

Cabinet design is not only the key to a well-functioning kitchen but also the way people personalize the place they spend much of their time in. That’s why you want to know your ABS cabinet and what suits your customer’s vision and projects best.

There are a few questions you will want to know the answers to before meeting with your customer. A big one is, “what material is best?” This is not the area you want to make a bad choice.

Since kitchen cabinets account for more than 25% of the cost of a kitchen makeover, designers must conduct thorough research before defining this element. Selecting the proper material for your cabinet project may be more crucial than considering its aesthetic and usefulness.

Solid wood expands and contracts, making it not the most ideal material for countertops, flooring, or kitchen cabinetry. The majority of the time, engineered wood products are chosen instead because they are far more affordable and just as dependable. Cabinet boxes are most frequently made of medium-density fiberboard (MDF), plywood, and occasionally stainless steel.

What you need to know about each type of material is as follows:


One alternative to engineered wood is particleboard. The particleboard core consists of compressed wood chips and particles are used to create the panels and boards, which are then bonded together by adhesive. The shelves and cabinet boxes of many cabinets today are made of particleboard. Particleboard is generally coated with wood veneer, laminates, or Thermofoil because it cannot be painted or stained directly.

MDF (medium-density fiberboard)

A similar engineered wood composite to particleboard in today’s market is MDF. Instead of chips and particles, the composition is made of wood fibers, but manufacturers simultaneously compress and hold the fibers together to form panels and boards. MDF has a finer, heavier texture because it is denser than particleboard. It is mostly used in cabinetry to build the boxes, shelves, and occasionally the doors. Since MDF has no grain pattern, you cannot directly stain or paint its surfaces, as you cannot do with particleboard. As a result, they frequently have a layer of laminate, Thermofoil, or wood veneers.


Metal cabinets, mostly made of stainless steel, are less common than wood cabinets but are nevertheless offered by some cabinet manufacturers as a full set of cabinets and drawers. This is suitable for industrial environments and trendy kitchen designs. 


Since plywood is said to be more stable and resistant to moisture than MDF, many manufacturers see plywood as an ideal choice to make cabinets. Cabinet plywood is made of plywood sheets, or individual boards that are sandwich-style layered with thin wood piles bonded on top of one another. The exterior is coated with a thermofoil, wood veneer, or exposed plastic laminate for increased protection. Our ABS cabinets are made of cabinet-grade plywood.

Cabinet-grade plywood is the best since the veneers are flawless, but it also costs the most. Thicker plywood is ideal like ours where the surface is smooth, devoid of knots, and ready for painting. The thickness of this A-grade plywood is determined by how many simple cut sheets adhere together.


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Why Plywood is Best

  • Plywood is light, it’s not as heavy as others
    Plywood is reliable because the layers are thin, so they don’t absorb or radiate moisture, therefore they won’t change or move like lumber.
  • High-quality plywood looks aesthetically pleasing and protects furniture function while maintaining the integrity of the piece.
  • Prolonged durability for years and years. Some RTA cabinets are made with the least desirable cuts of lumber and still advertised as “wood cabinets”, but won’t hold up in the long run.

We have a variety of plywood cabinets that you and your customer can choose from. Whether they’re going for a more sleek kitchen or a farmhouse kitchen, we’ve got the pieces suitable for you.

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Qualities of our Plywood ABS Cabinets

  • Our quality and durable solid wood 3/4″ thick door panel with premium finishes
  • Wide range of styles and color choices
  • 5/8″ cabinet-grade plywood box with clear coat finish
  • 5/8″ cabinet-grade plywood with clear coat finish
  • 3/4″ inch solid wood drawer sides

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Our Solid Wood Doors

Many cabinets are made of hollow core doors, which are less expensive. However, solid core doors have better aesthetic, are made of more quality and durable material, and are much better at insulating sound and heat. They also continue to maintain the beauty of the authentic wood as it’s extremely durable and can withstand years of heavy use.


Evaluating Your Cabinet Materials

To evaluate a well-crafted cabinet attentively, you need a lot of expertise. Because cabinets occupy the majority of a kitchen’s floor space and can serve as the space’s single cohesive design feature depending on their style and color, it’s essential that homeowners, architects, and designers have a clear vision for the space when picturing a finished kitchen.

One of the greatest aspects of RTA cabinets is that you don’t have to worry about the nitty-gritty details. Since they are cut with a very precise machine, which simplifies installation. Working with ABS eliminates the need to spend countless hours trying to screw together parts that don’t quite fit. Our facilities in the Pacific Northwest allow us to have teams on the ground who guarantee the finest quality for each and every one of your transactions.


Because there are many different types of styles inside homes and businesses, ABS Cabinets has continued to expand its options for finishes and accessories. We are proud to offer eight Shaker-style cabinets in a variety of colors and several other Flat-panel cabinets to go along with any of your client’s design dreams. Make sure your manufacturer can mass-produce the products you’re looking for so you can make deadlines and communicate effectively to clients on expected timelines. 

Other considerations include things such as replacements, out of stocks, and damages. For instance, if your son breaks a door after a year and you request a replacement door, do you have to purchase an entire cabinet? What happens if your kitchen base cabinet is out of stock and you need everything installed next Wednesday? How long will you need to wait for the replacement? With ABS, our customers and clients always come first and we work our hardest to meet all your demands. 

In an industry that will continue to grow, trust us as the experts who will care for all your cabinetry needs. Call, email, or visit us at our ABS Cabinet locations for your project. We’d love to hear from you!