3 Tips Finding Your Ideal RTA Wholesale Cabinets 

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So many RTA Cabinets to choose from, but where should you start? Here are three things to prioritize when picking your perfect RTA wholesale cabinets for your customers.

Last blog post, we talked about 3 Things to Guide Your Client Through Buying Kitchen Cabinets, now we’re going to focus on you, the seller. We know how important it is for you to pick the best wholesale cabinets. 

Before you decide on what RTA cabinets in the pacific northwest to get for your customers, you need to consider a few things. Of course, you want the biggest bang for your buck. You want a high quality piece while paying as little as you can. And you want to make sure you’re estimating correctly so you know how much to charge.

Here are some things to know before purchasing your wholesale cabinets.

1. Elements of High Quality Shaker Style Cabinets

For essential furniture pieces like cabinets, you want to pick pieces that will last. Below are some of the qualities to look for are:

  • Solid Wood — Many cabinets, including some shaker style cabinets, may expand or shrink depending on humidity and climate, so a cabinet made of solid wood prevents cracking or unwanted changes.
  • High Quality Wood— Besides being solid wood, you want to pick the most high quality wood as it affects the stamina against humidity and climate.
  • Gloss Finishes—The durability of your Shaker cabinets will be greatly influenced by the type of finish you choose. Semi-gloss is most popular because it’s inexpensive and resistant to heat, chemicals, scratches, water, fungus, mildew, scratches, dents, and smudges. High-gloss finishes are more expensive but typically provide all the same protections as semi-gloss but it will last longer because it absorbs and becomes embedded into the wood.
  • The type of finish you select will have a significant impact on the longevity of your Shaker cabinets. Due to its low cost and resistance to damage, semi-gloss is the most preferred finish. High-gloss finishes are more expensive and protect the same as semi-gloss but it lasts longer as it’s seeped more into the wood.
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2. Keep Homebuyers in Mind

When redesigning a kitchen, you want to keep the design simple, consistent, and pleasing to the eye.  Keeping it classy and simple is what attracts the majority of buyers.

  • Keeping the size, color, and quality consistent will give the kitchen a sophisticated look without being over the top. People can customize the kitchen in other ways.
  • Check out our catalog to see the design elements in image form and how you can present to buyers.

3. Research Different Wholesale Cabinet Companies

We know it’s ideal for you to get the best quality cabinets for a good price. A good way to investigate is to do your research! Here at ABS Cabinets Direct, we pride ourselves on products that are dependable and affordable. Since 2006, we’ve continually expanded its expertise, completing nearly 3,000 projects per year. From manufacturing to arrival at our local warehouses here in Washington, we control the price to give small and large businesses the best deals. 

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